PV Solar Training

Certificate in Rooftop Solar Project In rooftop solar sector a small entrepreneur needs a strong knowledge about off-Grid, On grid, hybrid system designing and financial benefit, bankable report preparation. This course will cover all aspect of designing and procurement, installation, financial modelling and customer nogotiation skills.

Electric Vehicle Course

Certificate in Electric Bike and E-rickshaw Repairing E- bIKE AND E rickshaw repairing course you will learn the basic overview of electric BIKE AND E-rickshaw mechanism, how Electric 2W and 3W functions, what are the possible reason of failure and how you can repair them by your own, Troubleshooting of Motor, Controller and Charger faults.

Link Building SEO

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The Next Generation of Solar Energy

Green Project Support is leading the way photovoltaic power plants are designed, manufactured, installed, operated, training and maintained. We take a comprehensive approach to systems integration, design and installation processes, and building mutually beneficial and trusting relationships with our partners/customers. We are committed to delivering turn-key, utility-grade solar power plants at grid parity pricing that provide the long term performance and reliability required by our customers. 

Green Project Support is utilizing proven photovoltaic technologies in West Bengal, India. The enterprise is based in Howrah , West Bengal, India, builds upon this tradition – focusing on utility-grade, grid-connected PV power plants that will soon achieve grid parity pricing with conventional power generation. 

One reason solar energy has grown in popularity is because it is nearly 100% hassle-free. The solar panels are designed to be simple and functional: unlike the mechanisms used to transfer traditional sources of energy, your solar panels have no moving parts, which means there is virtually no maintenance required once they are installed. 

A source of energy is considered renewable if it is not depleted by use. Whereas coal-burning electric plants will eventually run out of coal to burn, electricity created by solar panels will always have a free, unlimited power source: our sun. 

Best of all, solar energy is clean energy: solar technologies release far fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than their fossil-fueled counterparts. Your clean, green home solar system can offset thousands of pounds of harmful CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions generated by traditional energy sources. Just as trees use the sun's energy to convert harmful carbon dioxide into healthy oxygen, your solar panels are helping to protect the health of our planet.

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Solar PV Technology Training Course
PV Solar Business Course, Job Course Rooftop, MW and PGP

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